Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed with life as a physician, mother, wife, and the other dozen hats you wear? 

Have you wondered if it’s always going to be like this? Or if everyone else goes through the same struggles, frustrations, and exhaustion that come with caring deeply for patients, staff, husband, and children?

I 100% have been there MANY times and know so many other fabulous physician mothers who have felt exactly the same.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to go through this alone. I am here for you …


6-Month Love Lab MD Coaching Program

Love Smarter


Six Months of Love Lab MD Coaching for ambitious women looking to 

  • Be more intentional about planning (and actually executing) more date nights and¬†quality¬†time together.

  • Find harmony in conversation and communicate with less tension, arguments, and disruptive fights.

  • Have more intimacy and connection.

  • Feel and show more love and appreciation.

  • Create financially aligned and value-based relationship goals and set up a plan for success.


Reason why to Join 1:1 with me!

Meet Certified Life Coach Kate Mangona, MD and learn about Love Lab MD Coaching to decide if it's right for you!


Kate’s coaching helped me realize that I have been very closed with myself and others which means I have held back and resisted many things in the last several months or more!  It helped me understand that by being more open and patient with myself, I can be more accepting of others and create boundaries that are not walls, but more likely bridges.  I noticed that I am less present when I let other people’s thoughts and words affect me.  I only have control over myself so I need to start with myself instead of focusing on what other people may be thinking or saying.  

I am approaching myself with more kindness and compassion, more patience and breathing room.  I am also going to embrace quiet time instead of feeling like I have to respond with words all the time.  

I walked away from coaching with Kate thinking less which helps me because I usually overthink and dwell on the past or future which I cannot control anyway.  I need to and will focus exclusively on the present and how I can move onto the next step without looking too far ahead and especially not back!  I also understand now how I can find joy and peace by prioritizing joy and peace no matter what situation I am in.  


DL, D.O. (Family Medicine)

Ever since working with Kate, I have strengthened all relationships in my life including myself, my staff, my in-laws, my parents, my sister, and my children. Kate opened my mind to the realization that I am not the victim I had often been playing in my relationships. I have learned to take back control of my own thoughts and emotions which I previously believed was impossible. Prior to working with Kate, I would often spin out of control when faced with a personal relationship or workplace conflict as I often assumed a victim mentality. Now, I am not only able to better control my emotions during confrontation, but I am also much less anxious.  The inevitable day-to-day conflicts that arise at home or at my work are much more easily manageable as I have now realized how much more in control I actually am than I previously thought. I know that each day and each week will bring new challenges; however, I worry much less knowing that I can pull out the tools Kate taught me to more effectively navigate my personal life and workplace relationships. 

I had done reading on thought work prior to working with Kate, but working directly with her gave me better insight and a more customized approach to the difficult relationships and situations I was finding myself in with my family members. 

I am fortunate to have this experience of life coaching with Kate. I encourage anyone who is interested in improving their relationships to work with her.


Sara K. (Oncologist) 

I didn’t think I needed coaching. I think it doesn’t always cross most people’s minds as an option when they are struggling, such as for me as a physician, having gone this far in my career with my own capabilities. Kate was recommended to me when I was having difficulty trying to get my husband on board about a goal I set out for our family. It was my original intent to work only on this goal, but I received so much more growth outside of this after working with Kate.
Through multiple sessions, I was able to work out with Kate ways to change my mindset. Perspective and attitude are so powerful, and she gave me tools to direct mine to achieve goals in a practicable way, with self-compassion. This has allowed me to change my expectations of how my husband or other people should behave, or how my day should go, or how quickly I think I should realize my dreams. Since working with Kate, I have adopted the attitude that change is incremental, and something you have to keep working on, but is achievable in a concrete way by setting the right kind of goals. I have since set out ways to continue to work on self-improvement, such as setting time for exercise, reflecting on books I’ve read, and enjoying the journey with my husband, even if we are not always on the same page.
I would recommend her whole-heartedly for anyone who is struggling and feeling limited. Working with her is a gift to your future, happier self.


Tessa A., MD  (Geriatrician)

After more than a decade of being married to my best friend, our relationship had turned stale. Our problems seemed bigger, and our love seemed to be fading. I had taken on a non-confrontational and a noncommittal approach to our disagreements to avoid any further conflict, but deep down I knew there had to be more to this relationship.
I am so glad that we decided to connect with Kate and go through her coaching program. That was the best investment of time and money we have put into our relationship so far. It pulled our relationship out of the rut and accelerated our growth to the next level.
Thanks to the work that started with Kate, we are now closer friends than ever. We laugh more, love more and I have reconnected with gratitude that i used to feel when i made my wife smile.
My approach to our relationship has become more about growing into my best self and becoming the man who deserves the quality of relationship i want. I have learnt to take ownership of what it means to be the man in the relationship. And as a nice byproduct, the sex has leveled up too, in ways even better than when we first got together.
My only regret is that we didnt find Kate sooner. I cant even imagine what level our relationship would be at if we had started Love lab MD a decade ago.


Junaid Haroon, MD
(Cardiothoracic Surgeon)

Kate is the best person I could recommend for anyone. Kate has been able to help us understand each other even more.  I could not have imagined loving my husband more but I do. I think he also loves me more. Kate is a Gottman trained and a certified life coach. Kate helps you build foundation to have any sort of sensitive discussion with ease. Kate deals with physicians a lot. I think a lot of her clientele would by high net worth couples. Kate focuses on the following 3 major categories through multiple discussions, keeping love in the center of it all:

1. Love and marriage
2. Careers and expectations
3. Finances and how to make the discussions around them easier.
I feel like Kate was a blessing for us since we started working with her.

Nida Junaid, MD (ICU Physician)


Invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset - to you, your marriage, your family, and career. Commit and take that first vital step. It’s time to prioritize yourself first - To live your life to its fullest potential and truly enjoy your time more than ever before. My only regret is not taking action sooner connecting with Coach Dr. Kate Mangona! 

Winnie Nape√Īas (ICU Nurse)



I participated in Kate's 1:1 coaching program to help with my marriage. I felt like we had tried to resolve things on our own and with a therapist but still something was missing in our relationship. I started listening to her podcasts, which I found so valuable and knew I had to work with her. I was able to implement some of the skills and teachings into my own marriage which was a big help! I am grateful to have worked with her and look forward to her future programs! 


Meaghan Andre-Brown, DO (Pediatrician)

Let's clear the air of resentment and move to a much lighter and more powerful energy


To increase the Connection.


Compassion & Love Map


Level-up Communication skills in your Relationship

Continue to choose love and enhance intimacy.


To clear the Conflict


Enhance Emotional Intelligence


Create Shared Goals and Values


I will also encourage you to sign up for three BONUS, complimentary 60 minute coaching calls at Months 8, 10 and 12. 


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If you have a question that you can't find the answer to here, email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help!


Kate Mangona, MD‚ÄĒ

Dr. Kate Mangona is a pediatric radiologist, marriage & intimacy coach, and mother to three little girls and a mini poodle.


As a marriage & intimacy coach, Kate hosts the Love Lab MD podcast and helps couples spend less time arguing, and more time reigniting the sparks once felt during their honeymoon. She empowers us to stop stewing in anger, defensiveness, and resentment in order to create more time for love, vacations, & investing! After working with Kate, you will have the tools necessary to minimize arguments even during conflict and design the life and relationships you crave.  


When Kate is not in the hospital or helping elevate the energy & magic inside relationships, she is most likely dancing and singing with her three little girls and hubby:)