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Love Lab MD: 6 Months of 1:1 Coaching

We may fall in love by chance, but we stay in love by choice. Even in the strongest marriages, it can be hard to love unconditionally. Here at Love Lab MD, we have all the tools necessary to take your relationship to the next level. Come with us and learn how to love as if every day was a Honeymoon. 


Let's start making your dreams a reality! 

Let's set your goals and knock down the beliefs holding you back! If you want to stop arguing with your spouse (or reality), we will create a plan to stop! If you want to uplevel the love for yourself and others, we will create a plan for that too! If you wish to find fulfillment in your life and relationships, let's start today! This will be the best investment you have ever made in yourself!

What People Are Saying:

Kate’s coaching helped me realize that I have been very closed with myself and others which means I have held back and resisted many things in the last several months or more! It helped me understand that by being more open and patient with myself, I can be more accepting of others and create boundaries that are not walls, but more likely bridges. I noticed that I am less present when I let other people’s thoughts and words affect me. I only have control over myself so I need to start with myself instead of focusing on what other people may be thinking or saying. I am approaching myself with more kindness and compassion, more patience and breathing room. I am also going to embrace quiet time instead of feeling like I have to respond with words all the time. I walked away from coaching with Kate thinking less which helps me because I usually overthink and dwell on the past or future which I cannot control anyway. I need to and will focus exclusively on the present and how I can move onto the next step without looking too far ahead and especially not back! I also understand now how I can find joy and peace by prioritizing joy and peace no matter what situation I am in.

- DL, D.O. (Family Med)