5 Tips for entrepreneurial SUCCESS:

Nov 07, 2023

(from a five year old)

1. It’s okay if people say no. This means nothing about you. Go to the next person. There are A LOT more “right fit” people out there than you think.

2. Make it EASY to say yes. (i.e. If they don’t have cash, accept alternative payment options.) Figure out what it is they want.

3. Persistence and passion are key. Sell something you love and BELIEVE others will love it too. It WILL sell out if you do this.

4. STOP thinking about your enemies or “the doubters”. STOP asking yourself, “but what will they think?” Everyone is either your best friend or a potential customer. EVERYONE. No one else matters!

5. The feeling of cash in your hands is NOT greed. It is the feeling of security, freedom, and generosity. BE the Loving, free, and generous soul you are AND make money:)

Our little Shinola bear has been begging us for three months to make money. As soon as she turned age 5, she began expressing concern about making money to support herself. Perhaps this is because we constantly remind her to, “Bring your money next time” when she gets the “gimmies” at EVERY store we go into.

After endless concern, my hubby suggested she start selling things to make money. Since she decided lemonade, she’s been asking every morning for WEEKS if today is the lemonade stand day.

Finally it happened! My hubby took all three girls to the park with the lemonade and lemonade sign.

On her own accord, Shi went up to every person she saw with her sign. She stated she would take cash or Venmo and SHE SOLD OUT! In less than an hour.

When she got back from the park, I asked her if anyone said no. At first Shinola said she didn’t feel anything when people said no and that she just walked up to the next person. Later on, she told me that EVERYONE said yes because they all wanted her lemonade! Either way is a lesson for me:) and for every entrepreneur out there.


Wow. What I learn from my children (and Simone!). They blow my mind.

How will this help you today?