I am your host on Love Lab MD. A board certified pediatric radiologist, wife, mother and life coach. Get pumped to embark in a journey that tests the boundaries of what you think is possible.


Are you a physician or married to a physician or other high achieving professional?

Are you having a difficult time connecting with your spouse?

Are you and your spouse on different financial pages?

Do you and your spouse fight about the same silly things over and over again?

Do you find yourself avoiding talking about finances with your spouse, particularly how to save, spend and invest money?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is a podcast for you! In this space, we will examine what makes a strong relationship and what it takes to become financially independent with your spouse.


After each episode, I will invite you to ask yourself, “What small tweaks can I make today that will create a huge and lasting impact in my relationship with my spouse and my bank account?’’ We believe there is enough joy, love and wealth in this world for everyone. It just takes determination, desire and an open mind and heart to find it and take it.


Are you ready?


Here we go.