Our Story..


As time went on, in my marriage, it became clear that there were pieces that weren’t working. We were in love, passionate, connected, but still something wasn’t quite right. 

Victor and I had, shall we say, insufficient conflict management skills.

The first few years of our marriage were incredibly passionate. We had a ton of fun together. We were committed and honest with one another, but things could get explosive. And neither of us were very allowing of it. If he got over-stimulated and angry I would think that something was wrong with him. And when I became passive-aggressive and shut down, he would think something was wrong with me. Then we would each react and do something that pushed each other’s buttons even harder. We didn’t allow one another to have space to just be

I found myself saying things like, “I can’t have a child with him if we can’t even get through conflict together.” But we were such an amazing team most of the time. We were able to make huge changes in our lives, especially financially. By other people we were viewed as a “power couple.” Able to visualize and achieve our biggest goals. From the outside we were unstoppable.  But inside the marriage, we were struggling, at least when it came to handling conflict. 

Why I Do It..


For months I had been thinking, reading and learning all about relationships. I had successfully set my own relationship on a path to healing. I loved talking about relationships, going deep about people’s lives and goals and unfulfilled wishes. I understand how I could add value: I could make it my personal goal to figure out the secrets of a happy marriage. I would set out to interview all of the power couples I could, learn their ways, and share them with the world! It was at this moment that I found my calling. Or rediscovered it, maybe. 

In many ways I think I had wanted my whole life to help people in the way I’m helping them now.  I wanted to hear about their lives and talk about their relationships and help them to heal. When I was younger I had thought about becoming a psychiatrist, but I rejected it because of the stigma around the profession and the reputation that psychiatrists have for being troubled themselves. As much as I respect psychiatrists, I did not have four youthful years to go back to residency. I decided to become a coach. As a coach I would be able to titrate how much I wanted to do and what kind of clients I wanted to work with. I could build a base of people who I resonate with and who resonate with me. 


My Book..


I want to help you start to shift your thinking from problems to solutions. From past, to future. From what’s wrong, to what’s right. It sounds simple, but it’s a radical act—to allow your spouse and your relationship to be and do exactly as they’re going to be and do, and to understand that you have all the power to change your own perception. Which is, in most cases, the only thing that’s standing in your way.

When you start to make these changes, you start to change the dance of your relationship.

You get back up, instead of staying stuck on the floor. And your spouse will notice. The playfulness. The confidence. The overall change in your mental space. Those kinds of changes are very attractive and relationship-enhancing. But don’t just take my word for it. You’ll see, and feel, the change yourself. 


My Podcast..


My name is Kate Mangona and I launched my podcast Medicine, Marriage and Money on September 14th, 2020!

This is a space where we focus on creating marital interdependence and financial freedom.

We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of being in a physician relationship or any relationship! Not only does a successful marriage take focused effort and determination, it also requires an environment of love, safety, growth, and contribution.

In medicine, marriage and money, we examine the relationships of highly successful physician couples who have it all and gather the mindset required for success.

Come with me as we dive into the inside network of physicians in love. My hope is that you can use their knowledge and successes as your spring board into a stronger, more loving, and financially savvy relationship with your spouse.



I encourage you to listen to my podcasts, read my posts, watch my youtube videos, and do the exercises I suggest in my book as it will help you start filling your own cup. It will help you start to turn toward yourself instead of always toward a version of your partner that may or may not exist. We only get one life. If you continue to live it for an imagined future instead of right now, it’s going to pass you by. So you may as well start now!

Try all the recommended steps and exercises I suggest. If they don’t work, find a coach to help you implement. Consumption is the first step and implementation will change your life. A small investment of your time and money can save you millions and years of resentment. 

The only thing you need to be open to is the fundamental truth that if something is wrong, most likely it’s one simple thing:

You are in your own way. 

I would like to help you get out of it. Read on.

"Are you ready to begin your journey to marital interdependence and financial freedom?"

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