Cata: Just thinking about life

Nov 07, 2023

I ask as she sprawls in the grass staring at the sky. Soon to be joined by her sisters as I hurriedly try to shuttle them into the car so we are on time for music lessons.

Cata: We are THINKING!

Me: About what?

Cata: Just thinking about life.

Me: *wow. My 3 yo is so profound. I want to be just like her*

“On Time”

Sometimes being “on time” means creating a few minutes to reflect on whether we are actually living our lives in alignment with our values.

If you value joy, love, & connection, then make time for those first.

Is being “on time” one of your top life priorities?

“On time”

What does this even mean?

To my children it’s a completely foreign concept.

They are always exactly where they need to be.

Why “on time”?

What is the urgency?

Is anyone actively dying?

If not, then why are we always in a rush?

Is the next thing on our agenda TRULY what we want to be doing?

Is the next thing on my to-do list really going to bring us joy, love, or connection

If not, why are we doing it?

Sprawling in the grass and thinking is exactly what we want to be doing right now.

This is true joy and connection.

Music class can wait.