My bundle of Joy.

Nov 07, 2023

Getting three girls to sit at the table without falling out of their chairs, or fighting each other for the best seat, or pulling each other’s hair because the other is not listening doesn’t happen all the time.

Getting three girls to go potty, find clean undies, dress themselves, AND brush their hair AND teeth takes no less than 60 minutes in my house.

Sometimes it takes two hours.

Sometimes three.

When we capture a calm moment like this on camera (not the normal chaos), my heart fills with pure JOY. I can’t help by okay it over and over again in my head.

Why not fill our headspace with these gems and decrease the moments that don’t serve us?

Is it that simple?

Can we choose?

It’s moments like these that remind me what my life is all about.

Even amidst the continual chaos of my three tiny human girl home, I have learned to become content with it all.

The struggles actually become more of a game to me:)

How can I approach this today?

How can I continue to show my love?

What does this Mama need most right now?

Sometimes it’s a break.

Sometimes it’s self compassion.

Most times it is a big taco hug with whichever humans want to join.

I have found my calm in every storm.

They don’t have to be silent.

They don’t have to be smiling.

They can even cry, scream, and tinkle on the floor.

This Mama knows how to find her joyful place.

Mama said there will be days like this.