PRODUCTIVITY Tips from a full-time Mama Doc

Nov 07, 2023

. Delegate more responsibilities to your children!

It doesn’t matter if they are only 3 years old, they can still be responsible, loving, and helpful members of your family.

I have a lot more to say about this. Just ask.

2. Prioritize LOVING yourself, spouse, and children ABOVE checking the to-dos off your list. The  provide you a false sense of accomplishment while your true life values remain neglected.

I have soo much more to say about this. So tell me what is standing in your way?

Why do you prioritize the to-dos over connection with your family?

3. Embrace your femininity.

This can be how your dress, decorate your home and/or lead your team. You don’t have to be masculine to prove anything. Leading with your feminine guidance and love makes you even more powerful, engaging, and effective.

How do you allow your femininity to shine?

Tell me.

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