Physicians Living Intentionally Retreat Insights

Nov 07, 2023

 Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of your relationship with everyone.

 Self-care is NOT a pedicure.

 Intermittent fasting doesn’t just have to revolve around food. It can also be eliminating the garbage from your life (ie mindless scrolling, hateful commentary, and upsetting or disturbing news)

 Your future self is not better than your current self. She/he is simply different.

Intentionality is creating spaces in your life that are empty.

 Decide ahead of time that it will be magical and it will be.

 When you are unhappy, lonely, or anxious, get curious as to why in a non-judgmental way.

 Incorporating more “of course” into your life when things don’t seem to be going your way, will move you through suffering faster.

 Suffering is inevitable. Pain can be optional.

 Craving something you don’t have causes suffering. Acceptance of what is can ease this discomfort as well as awareness of the impermanence.

 Breathing costs you nothing.