The moments we live for.

Nov 07, 2023

2022 GOALS

Have you hit yours? (there’s still 101 days left y’all)

1. To be the most present Mother available to me without leaving my life coaching nor physician careers. I want it all half of the time.

2. To speak out more for those who may be suffering in silence.

3. To encourage the creation of joy and space for rest and reconnection.

4. To inspire and motivate my trainees and clients to take responsibility for their own agency, grace and self-compassion.

5. To serve as a guide for professional mothers to take actionable steps towards freedom of time, money, and relationships.

I have never lived my life so aligned with my values as I am living it today.

I have never taken this much time to just enjoy breathing without achieving as I do now.

I have never placed myself so purposely in discomfort in order to fail, grow, and get back up.

What is holding you back? Tell me.

What are your goals for the next 101 days?

One of my clients planned out how she was going to create a thriving integrative health care practice from the ground up and it was electrifying! She knows she is made for something more and is determined to start today.

Another decided she was going to stop avoiding the sense of loss and anger while going through a divorce and simply honor the feelings in her body without running away which was actually prolonging her suffering. She realized there was no rush.

And yet another decided she would start prioritizing evening connection with her family and leave work when the clinic closed instead of perfecting each chart before she left.

And another decided she would start asking herself what she needed in the moment before the anger and rage exploded. She addressed her desire to control every decision her children made, out of fear that they might never be successful if she did not. The weight this places on her. The power she thought she had but actually doesn’t have nor want.

I could go on. The moments we live for.

Life Goals…