Things I Learned Flying with three littles 4

Nov 07, 2023
  •  Three people cannot fit in an airplane bathroom, even when two of them are under 5 years old.
  • Cheetos, Doritos, oatmeal cookies, and suckers are a perfectly appropriate breakfast for a 5am wake up and 8am airplane ride.
  • Traveling with three carsests is NOT a last minute thought. Figuring out which seats are necessary for each age, height, and weight takes research and spreadsheets. Thanks Victor. And then installing and deinstalling them into the Uber and airplane and destination car takes patience and sweat. Thanks again Victor.
  • TSA folks are not Always helpful. They may or may not have sympathy for a traveler trying to get three car seats, four backpacks, and a baby through the XRAY machine. Minimal engagement is sometimes the best answer.
  • Escalators and moving walk-ways are crazy exciting when you are three years old.
  • Curbside check-in is a life-saver; however they may or may not be able to check in your lap child there.
  • You can put smiles on tired travelers faces if you put the whole family in matching dresses. Plus matching outfits decreases the chances of losing a family member.
  • Traveling with three kids 4 and under is not easy. Especially when the older two don’t even remember ever being in an airport or airplane and it is the baby’s first time.

Calm, curious, and creative headspace made the entire day a success.

Calm when no one else is has a ripple effect.

Curiously questioning why and creatively devising solutions.

Do you want to potty now or in 5 seconds?

Do you want to wear this dress or this dress over your pajamas?

Do you want to get in your car seat by yourself or do you want me to put you in?

Thank you for this amazing ride.

What have you learned?